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Howling Designs goal is to produce impactful, cutting edge custom graphic solutions for all of our clients through signage, vehicle graphics, and more at affordable rates.

Howling Designs is unique, offering a large variety of products that allows clients to use us for all of their needs. It gives the client peace of mind to know that they do not have to shop around for all of their business services. We also offer our abilities outside of the conventional Monday to Friday hours. If a client needs our services outside of our operating hours, we are there to help them. For example, if a client operates a very busy business, sometimes it is too difficult for them to pull their company truck off the road to get lettered. We have worked after hours making sure to get the company truck lettering complete before the next day of business so that client didn’t experience any down time. Service like this creates a respected and valued relationship with clients.
Being a member of the chamber of commerce has offered a great aid in making the connections with the target market. Getting involved with community gives Howling Designs exposure as well as gives back to help the community grow.

Howling Designs is primarily a decal lettering and sign business. Large rolls of vinyl, sticker like material, that are usually 24” to 48” wide is printed on just like a regular printer would print to paper but larger scale. There are also other products known as substrates that can be printed on, such as heat transfer material, wall paper, canvas, banners and many other options. Another method to making a sign or decal is with vinyl stickers that are cut from various coloured rolls of vinyl on a plotter also known as a cutter. It is similar to a printer however the ink jet is replaced with a blade. The blade cuts the object or text out of the vinyl. Excess material is removed from the finish product; this process is called “weeding”. Once the unwanted material is removed, you are left with your desired image. This image is then covered with a transfer tape to allow you to transfer it to your desired object, whether is be a sign, vehicle window, etc. Special steps are taken to apply your image to the desired object. For example, making sure the surface area is clean and dry, A newer service now includes custom apparel. Using the cutter or the printer onto the heat transfer substrate, the final product can then be pressed with a heat press, onto a garment of choice. This leaves the garment with a long lasting image on it that can be worn and washed many times.


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Our Clients

The biggest pride of Howling Designs is our clients. They are our driving force. We are immensely proud of having established strong connections with quite a few partners and customers. We are open for new ventures and expanding of our current partner & client base.

  • "A Business with No Sign, Is a Sign of No Business"
    Sara Foley Sole Proprietor, Graphic Designer
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